After a Construction Accident, Early Investigation is Acutely Important

There's an old joke in the North Star State: Minnesota has just two seasons, winter and construction.

With the brutal 2013-2014 winter finally coming to an end, it's time to kick off the unofficial start of construction season. From the 308 road constructions projects the Minnesota Department of Transportation has slated for 2014 to the continued construction of the new Vikings stadium (the most expensive construction project in Minnesota history) to the thousands of new home and commercial buildings going up throughout the state, there is little doubt this will be a robust year for construction in Minnesota.

The wide array of Minnesota construction projects is an indicator of an improving economy and a more positive job market for those in construction fields. While increased construction activity is good in many ways, construction is a hazardous industry, and it also means greater potential for injuries. If you suffer a serious injury in a construction accident, it might be more important than you realize to investigate the incident as early as possible.

Nature of a construction site means evidence is particularly likely to disappear

Many people can be vulnerable to the dangers in and around a construction site. Of course, workers have the most obvious potential for injury, but others on the property or even passerby who do not actually enter the construction site can also be injured in the wake of an accident.

Evidence is critical in construction accident cases. The person who was seriously injured may have to prove that a contractor, equipment manufacturer or another party bore responsibility for causing the injury in order to collect damages through a personal injury lawsuit.

So why is it so important to gather evidence as early as possible after a construction accident? In any investigation, it is usually more beneficial to get statements from witnesses quickly, as the incident will be fresher in their minds. In the construction context in particular, early action is also particularly imperative to guard against the deterioration of physical evidence.

Getting photos of the scene, pinpointing the exact location and time of the accident, identifying all eyewitnesses, and determining the extent of the personal protection equipment made available on the construction site might all become exponentially more difficult the more time that has passed after the accident. By its very nature, a construction site is a fluid environment. The critical element of evidence that proves someone else's negligence caused your accident may be covered up, moved, painted over or otherwise obscured as the construction project progresses.

Contact a Minnesota personal injury attorney to kick off a construction accident investigation

Of course, the first priority after suffering serious injury in a construction accident is to obtain immediate medical attention. But, the moment you are able to, you should seek out the assistance of an attorney, who can initiate an investigation into the details of the accident.

If you were injured in a construction accident you have the best odds at securing the full financial compensation to which you are entitled if you contact a lawyer expediently after the accident. If you have a family member who was injured but is not currently able to contact an attorney, you should consider contacting one on his or her behalf to get the ball rolling. With Minnesota construction season underway, there is bound to be some injuries. But, with the right legal help, you can set the record straight early in the process and protect the evidence you will need to ensure a full monetary recovery.