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At the office of Harper & Peterson, P.L.L.C., we offer decades of experience to people who have suffered personal injury because of the careless or negligent acts of others. We carefully choose the cases that we handle, so that we can devote our full energy and effort to getting the results you want. If we are unable to obtain full value by negotiating a settlement, we are always willing and able to protect your rights in court. Both Bill Harper and Paul Peterson are Board Certified as Civil Trial Specialists — in our years in practice, we have tried hundreds of cases cases. Their success has led them to be a participant in a national network of brain injury lawyers.

What to Do When You Have Suffered a Head Injury

The unfortunate reality is that emergency rooms can often miss the signs or symptoms of a closed head or traumatic brain injury (TBI). Often, many of the more serious aspects of a brain injury are not immediately apparent, and can take days or weeks to manifest. An MRI or CT scan will likely not show the full extent of a brain injury; it will only show if there is internal bleeding or structural damage.

The human brain is not designed to withstand the type of pressure or force that comes with most traumatic events such as automobile crashes, blunt force trauma or serious slip-and-fall injuries. You don't have to be rendered unconscious to have a brain injury, and you don't need permanent damage to your brain to suffer serious effects such as loss of memory or cognitive skills, headaches, loss of balance or nausea. If you have been hurt in any type of accident where you struck your head on anything, or even if you experienced whiplash or a sudden jerk to your head, you may have brain injury or neurological trauma. You should immediately seek the opinion of a specialist, and retain an attorney who understands brain injury claims.

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