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Our Twin Cities Serious Personal Injury Practice: Minnesota and Wisconsin Attorneys Representing Victims of Paralysis Injury

An injury to your spinal cord can have an impact on any area of your body, from your feet and legs to your hands and arms. Impingement of the nerves at any part of your spinal column can lead to numbness, loss of motor skill, burning sensations, loss of control or paralysis. Neurological injuries may not be readily apparent immediately after an injury. Some injuries can be progressive; what starts out as numbness or tingling caused by an impinged nerve can lead to the death of the nerve and permanent loss of sensation or motor skill.

In cases involving serious spinal cord injury, resulting in paralysis, there is no quick fix or short-term solution. You will likely face a lifetime of medical expense or personal care needs, from physical therapy and rehabilitation to in-home medical care. You will also incur the expense of retrofitting your home to address your needs. It becomes critical that you work with lawyers who understand these types of injuries, who have successfully helped others in similar situations.

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