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Lawyers Protecting Your Rights When Exposed to Dangerous, Defective Machinery and Products

A general principle when designing and building machinery is that a machine should be designed to outlive, but not to endanger owners or users. Any risk of serious injury or of death is unreasonable if the designer or manufacturer could have taken reasonable methods to prevent injury or eliminate dangers.

The designer, manufacturer or distributor of a machine must take four specific steps to minimize product defects and ensure product safety:

  • Identify any potential hazards
  • If possible, build the machine in a manner that eliminates any potential hazards
  • If the machine will not function without potential hazards, take necessary steps to guard against injury
  • If you cannot guard against injury, make certain the machines contain adequate warnings to any potential users

You may be able to file a product liability claim based on the malfunction or inherent risk involved with any man-made, assembled or installed product. This can range from small consumer products such as electric razors or microwave ovens to motor vehicles, home security systems and even road structures such as the 35W bridge.

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