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How do serious truck accident investigations differ from fender benders?

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Getting into a major accident with a heavy truck is terrifying. Even if you manage to walk away with minor injuries, the sounds of crunching metal and squealing tires can haunt you for a long time after the accident.

While you are trying to repair your body and your life, often the driver of a large truck has fewer injuries, less damage to their truck and a company to help with the legal details. Unlike a small fender-bender, there can be significant complications in getting your claim resolved.

These are some of the essential differences between truck accidents and fender benders.

There may be more that one party to deal with

In an average collision, you and another individual need to discuss insurance information and who is responsible for damages. When the other vehicle is a truck, there may be more parties involved.

Most of the time, someone driving a commercial truck is working for a larger company. Even if the driver owns their own truck, the company could face some liability, too.

There are also more regulations when it comes to truck drivers. Drivers must record the number of hours they have been driving as well as keeping extensive logs about the truck they drive. Depending on who has access to these records and who has the authority to release them, it could add more time the paperwork to your claim.

Resolution may take more time

Even minor accidents can take time to resolve, but if you were involved in a severe truck accident, it could take much longer.

As your medical bills continue to increase, the insurance companies involved may put off the settlement. You could experience delays because of issues, such as:

  • Problems getting the police report
  • Arbitration schedules
  • Paperwork collection
  • Challenges to claims for who is at fault

Keep in mind that trucking companies could face regulatory penalties if a driver is a fault, and the driver could face losing their license. They may try to make the process as long as tedious as possible, while you are trying to rebuild your life.